Every once in a while a word gets hijacked.

You say it. I say it. And not because we enjoy being cooperative. While it may be received as a variation of “yes”, what we really mean is a bit more snarky/dickish.

There are degrees of sincerity often attached to this overused expression. 

Scenario A

A neighbor takes you up on your offer to (fill-in-the-blank). You can’t really say no … you did offer to help. Granted, you were on your fifth beer.

Your initial thought: Oh yeah … I did offer to help. I’m such a moron. What you audibly say: “Sure!”

Scenario B

A client emails you and asks for something that’s way beyond the scope of the project. To top it off, she calls you “buddy”. You can’t afford to piss her off but it burns your ass she’s taking advantage of the situation.

What you’re thinking: There goes my weekend. What you text after a 60-second death stare at blinking cursor: “Sure.”

This four-letter word has become a last ditch effort to downplay our just how put out we are, whether we’re right or wrong for thinking so.

If you think I’m off here, just wait until the next time you get a “Sure!” or a “Sure.” And when you feel this smooth yet snarky word about to slip out, go with a sincere reply instead. Something like:

Absolutely. I’m happy to help.

Or, “You bet. I may need to move my schedule around but I think can do it.

Whatever you decide, be kind. The business world in is short supply of this precious commodity, and honestly, what do you have to lose? By being kind and direct, people are more likely to see you as someone they can count on and are less likely to steamroll in the future.

Am I right? Sure I am.